Bussfest 2017 (ENG)

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Summarized information about Bus feast Norrköping 2017:

When? 14-16 juli
Where? Himmelstalunds camping, Norrköping, Sweden

Entry fee:
Members NT2K: 250 SEK/bus/night
Non members NT2K: 350 SEK/bus/night
(incl electicity, welcome bag and activities. Pay by card or swedish krona).
T-shirt: 140 SEK
Beer mug: 100 SEK

FRIDAY 10:00-23:00 Arrival registration – Club Shop*
SATURDAY 11:00-17:00 Arrival registration – Club Shop*
14:00 Deadline for entry of BUS PUSH teams
15:00 BUS PUSH
17:00 Deadline for returning the reply forms




VW & Bus feast Kahoot Quiz

SUNDAY 11:00 Annual meeting with prize ceremony
12:30 Cruise to Spiralen carpark

Harstag your plans, preperations, adventures, travelling to Bus feast and of course Pictures and text from Bus feast between 14-16th of Juli on #BussfestNkg17


Articles and other clarifying illustrations with continious updates regarding Bus feast since spring to the Bus feast:

Update 6th of July, 2017

Today it came out an article in one of Sweden biggest paper for intrerested of campervans. The paper “min Husbil i Sverige” given out from Boss advertising….
After a pressreleaser earlier this spring the editor showed their interest ang whanted Pictures from earlier Bus feasts. I gave them a couple of picturese from Bus feast 2016 in Roskilde.

The result became a Picture from a couple of the campers won in Peoples Choise on the paper front cover and a picture taken of my car and som VW tents and campers by my side. And article about the buses history, Type2-club and our own paper Folkabussen and of course Bus feast to the bus remainder. Further links to #BussfestNkg17 and our website NT2K.org.

The paper “min Husbil i Sverige” are stamped in 40 000 ex and is sent out to members and is sold in the stores in Sweden. The paper will we be given 200 ex to be let out in our Welcome bad for those who come to Bus feast in Norrköping 14th – 16th of July…

Welcome to join!!!


Artikel MinHusbil i Sverige

Update 15th of June, 2017

Unbelieveble!!! When I was let out this information it was only “just” one month (29 days!) to Bus feast in Norrköping 2017… It felt unreal as it should be Midsummer eve next week in 8 days!!? 😉

The way until now have been fun, hardworking and exiting. Now the preparations will start in detail level and operative to do. I hunger to see all these nice VW buses in our oblong landscape and from our countries nearby and in distance countries. I hope of course it will be modest shining weather four our entertainment Bus feast and with a lot of pleasant members as a lot of interested visitors from Norrköping with surrounding. Welcome to Norrköping, Himmelstalund camping and Bus feast, the third weekend in July, 14th -16th of July.

Down below you can find resumed information of what can be good to know (send a mail via ripnas@hotmail.com if any information is missing).

This year of Bus feast official poster with all the activities we use to do…

Poster Bussfest Svensk

This year sponsors for Bus feast Norrköping 2017 according down below:

Sponsorer vers 5

Except the above, the following sponsors can be actual later on:

  • VW Group Sweden, overbridged VW sponsor

Bus feast is arranged in Norrköping and on the Himmelstalund camping plaze that’s places beside Motala stream



To get information about the camping place you can go via the link down below


Nordic Typ2-club have since new year already booked almost half of the camping lot, more exact about 200 places with electricity and roughly 50 places with more free camping without electricity.

Aktuell camping för Bussfest Norrköping 20117 - blå streckad 200 el-platser röd markerad fricamp för övriga utan el

As the shown on the picture above, the Bus feast will have a seperate entrance on the short side Friday the 14th to Sunday the 16th of July.

On the camping place where Bus feast will be held there are other activities depend of interest, time and weather. Further, it can be interested to know that on the camp there is a smaller kiosk and for more breadth and depth regarding variety of goods you can go to ICA Kvantum in Klockaretorpet on the way to the camp or by a walk from the camp with a distance of 1,3 kilometer. There you even have a ICA cashpoint. On the camping area it will be a foodtruck PM Pires that will sell Portuguese food.

Skiss över Camping och aktiviteter i området

If you whant to see more pictures from the camping place, please look here

What is good to know about Bus feast on the camping

  • If you whant do come to the camp before Bus feast days before Friday – Sunday when Bus feast arranges, then you do the check in the camping ordinary entrance and pays according our agreement 250 SEK per night with electricity. Just say you will stay on the area for Bus feast the following weekend.
  • Friday the 14th at 10 am the separate check in Bus feast on the short side according to the picture. It will be signed Bus feast Norrköping from different directions that will lead you right to this actual entrance. This check in will be opened to 11 pm on Friday. Later arrived busses have to stand outside the camping ground to Saturday at 11 pm, wh en the check in will open.
  • At the check in you will be welcomed by our local VW reseller Söderbergs personbilar with cooled bubble water and get the possibility to mingle with others and get information from our sponsors. By the check in tent it will be checked if you are registered members or if you should register / update you as a member. The yearly member fee is 200 SEK. The Bus feast fee for Friday to Sunday costs 500 SEK for an electricity place. For a camping place without electricity the cost reduces with 50 SEK per bus. In the price it includes service facility, toilets and showers.
  • By the check in each VW bus will get a welcome bag with some take aways, important information about the camping place, the club and the Bus feast, a stamp to place on the bus together with the information sheet to fill in that shall set up inside of the windshield as a description of you and your bus likely as a receipt that you have checked in and payed for the bus feast.
  • Do not forget to pack a cable winch with a length of 10-20 meters.

Just see to be well prepared in advanced, stow in you VW bus, enjoy and drive slowly and safely to the bus feast. It is as well-known not the target that matters, it is the way to it, not. Do not forget to put up pictures and a story on our harstag #BussfestNkg17 to the others next week 28 until the weekends activities. Might be there will be chain travelling from all places and countries with intermediate stops where you meet other that is on the same way to bus feast this year,

Myself, I will have vacation the actual week and will of course drive around Norrköping and Himmelstalund camping to take some pictures and get the feeling “going to bus feast” – “to drive the VW and to be on the way that counts…”

When you arrived to Norrköping and Himmelstalunds camping the personal of the camping and the crew of the Typ2-club and other volunteers with the yellow Crew t-shirts take care of you in the best way. When you have find your place at the camp and done your camp setting, then you can take part of what bus feast have to offer like needed relaxation tom more activated things as you deciare. Information of these activities will be told about on this side later on and will even be in printed versions in your bag from the check in.

Sunday the 16th of July 12:30- the bus cruise will start from the camping through Norrköping city to the Spiralen City parking area, where the ending mingle sausage with bread be handed out against a coupon. Even some sponsors will be on place. Here will the bus feast 2017 official end and you can go for a shopping in one of four malls near the parking area, that we have 150 free sponsored slots until 4 pm.

Spiralen parkeringen

I wish you a nice and expektant bus feast…


Well met and Tell us about preperations in week 28, under bus feast weekend and after Bus feast in Norrköping at #BussfestNkg17

And of course on facebook Nordiska Typ2-klubben